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              状态高清版 主演Richard  Clay   类型纪录片 发行年份2014 发行地区英国 加入日期2019/2/19 16:23:15 影片提供云网提供视频分享



              • 主演: Richard Clay
                类型: 纪录片
                制片国家/地区: 英国
                语言: 英语
                上映日期: 2014-05-06
                片长: 1 hr
                IMDb链接: tt3716028

                法国大革命撕裂的历史的剧情简介 · · · · · ·
                A journey through the dramatic and destructive years of the French Revolution, telling its history in a way not seen before - through the extraordinary story of its art. Our guide through this turbulent decade is the constantly surprising Dr Richard Clay, an art historian who has spent his life decoding the symbols of power and authority.
                Dr Clay has always been fascinated by vandalism and iconoclasm, and believes much of the untold story of the French Revolution can be discovered through the stories of great moments of destruction. Who were the stone masons in the crowd outside Notre Dame that pulled down the statues of kings? Why do the churches of Paris still carry all the coded signs of anti-Christian state legislation? What does it mean, and who was carrying this out?
                Telling the story of the French Revolution - from the Storming of the Bastille to the rise of Napoleon - as the significant modern outbreak of iconoclasm, Clay argues that it reveals the destructive and constructive roles of iconoclasts and how this led directly to the birth of the modern Europe.

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